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    Trusted by leading European publishers, we take inventory optimization and monetization very seriously. Our publishers enjoy the benefits of automated trading and earn more from the same inventory. Happy publishers, happy us!

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    Rembember the black box? Remember all the blind inventory everyone used to buy? Well, those days are gone! We bring exclusive inventory to the marketplace and with us you always know exactly where your campaign is delivered, with full control on your end.

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    Make use of our exclusive channels to reach the right audience for your campaign. Our dedicated account managers will sit down with your team and define the best properties to buy on.

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6 Common Mistakes Companies Make With Google AdWords

To send paid traffic to your website is a good idea. Just because it’s easy to open up an Adwords account doesn’t mean that it’s easy to generate a positive return on investment using this service. Many advertisers start out with good intentions, but limited experience. As a result, they run into common mistakes that can hurt a campaign’s profitability:

1. Too broad targeting keywords

If you’re a new advertiser, you’re never going to be able to bid your way to the top spot for broad keywords such as “women’s t-shirt.” Even if you do, you’re going to be paying so much for the privilege that, unless you’re Zappos, it’s unlikely your revenue generated will justify your costs.

2. Too many keywords in an ad group

In an ideal world, you’d create a unique landing page and PPC ad for every keyword you target, so that your user’s experience is as laser-targeted as possible. 

3. Running ads on the “search network with display select” campaign type

AdWord’s search and display formats require different advertising approaches.

4. Sending traffic directly to your homepage

If, you simply drop visitors onto your homepage, you’re making them work to find the information they want, leading to higher bounce rates, missed conversion opportunities and unnecessary ad expenses.

5. Not including negative keywords

Negative keywords prevent ads from showing on irrelevant keywords, advertisers can save significant click spend and improve overall performance of an account by implementing a plan of attack.

6. Not measuring ROI

If you’re running AdWords campaigns without any mechanism to determine which of your paid clicks are converting into customers, you’re almost certainly wasting money on poor quality traffic. 


Chef de groupe publicité

Développement et promotion publicitaire

La société Newedia SARL est en recherche d'un Key Account Manager: 

  • Gestion des clients/partenariats internationaux 
  • Gestion d'une équipe de développeurs
  • Connaissance profond d écosystème RTB
  • Création & gestions des campagnes display (CPM, CPC, CPUV)
  • Connaissances réseaux d'affiliation
  • Création & gestions des programmes d'affiliation sur plusieurs réseaux
  • Connaissance du SEO & SEA
  • Création & gestions campagnes SEA
  • Connaissance des langues: Français, Anglais (impératif), Russe (impératif) et le Géorgien (très désirable)
  • Salaire élevé & attractive

Vous maîtrisez le Français, l' Anglais , le Russe . Une connaissance du Géorgien sera fortement appréciée. Enseigne de l'employeur NEWEDIA Envoyer votre CV par mail artur@newedia.com 

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Google makes an announcement that you should use responsive design that loads fast. If you’re site is misconfigured for smartphone users or you just simply don’t have a mobile-friendly option for consumers you may see a drop in your rankings if you’re not compliant with their Mobile Optimization Guidelines.

This update:
  • Affects only search rankings on mobile devices
  • Affects search results in all languages globally 
  • Applies to individual pages, not entire websites


Google’s stated goal is to improve searcher experience. It’s frustrating to search on a phone and land on a page that’s so tiny you can’t accurately click the links without pinching and zooming and scrolling to find the right text or links.

How to check is your website is mobile-friendly or not? The Mobile-Friendly Test Tool from Google analyzes a URL and reports if the page has a mobile-friendly design!


SEM: SEO and sponsored links

SEM: SEO and sponsored links

Meet the SEM-team Newedia. Our main aim: to optimize the visibility of your website on the requests of your marketing targets.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM includes all the activities to strengthen the visibility of a website from the web. This is no longer limited strictly to the search engines, but is open to social networks.


Search Engine Optimization includes activities to enhance the visibility of a website on search engines, this results in natural (also called organic) traffic. To increase its efficiency, it is important to involve the SEO responsible to editorial work. He/she analyses weaknesses in textual content of the site that is in relation to the desired performance (keyword phrases).

Advantages: SEO helps to capitalize on the work done. The actions are aimed at strengthening the long-term visibility. If you stop all the SEO activities for 15 days, it is rare to encounter significant decreases in performance. It is highly recommended to work regularly on SEO, rather than performing specific actions every 6 months.

Disadvantages: SEO does not quickly position a website on highly competitive keyword phrases. SEO actions have much more inertia about a young site than on an old site having a good "score" in the eyes of search engines.



Search Engine Advertising or advertising on search engines includes activities to purchase advertising space on search engines. The SEA is a quick way to gain presence on the search engines. The idea of bidding is put off at first. After a few months, users often control their budget better by limiting the paid clicks on marginal ads.

Advantages: There is no faster way to position a website, particularly on very rivalled requests (of course, the budget required depends on the competition). The user can stop or resume SEA expenses when he wants.

Disadvantages: It does not capitalize on the allocated budget because SEA does not affect the natural results. The stop of investment results immediate losing all the SEA traffic.



Social Media Optimization or optimization on social networks includes activities to increase the visibility of an entity through social media. The best known relevant media are: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Youtube, Viadeo ...

We sometimes forget that an entity could only use social networks without having website. But generally, SMO is used as a support in order to reach the target in different or complementary manner.

Advantages: Social networks generally permit to get into real interaction with the target. You can run the SMO campaigns without any technical knowledge, because the tools are already developed.

Disadvantages: The interaction can be risky. It is always dangerous to rely too much on tools when conditions may change at any time and ruin the gains.


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About us

We connect you to unique platforms that enable publishers to discover more buyers and sell ad inventory in real time. Maximizing your revenue is our business.


Remember the days that you bought from a black box? Bust open the black box and start buying completely transparent media from our network. We give you all the tools and insights to make the best informed decisions for your media budget!


Our clients are Our partners, it’s a collaborative relationship. We don’t just aim to solve the problem at hand, We strive to support them in owning and understanding their brand stories. Working with like-minded clients brings the best out in both of us.


Our job is to help you create that environment both in the real and digital world.


We connect you to unique platforms that enable publishers to discover more buyers and sell ad inventory in real time. Maximizing your revenue is our business.


Are you ready for a new experience?


If you have a project in mind, please dont hesitate to get in touch.


“Working in various Search and Affiliate agencies and networks in France and Benelux gave me the opportunity to learn the true power of online marketing. From our offices in Belgium, I oversee the development of Publisher and Advertiser relationships in Europe”



"I've been working for two years for AdClick and over time I have helped raise their profile and thereby increased their profit margin by an impressive percentage."



"Working as web designer and have been involved in a number of high profile projects, I am comfortable working as part of our team."



"Over the past years, I have developed a very wide and deep range of programming skill using many different technologies. I also have rich experience in web and mobile development. I work with such technologies and platforms like: Java, Spring Framework, Android, iOS"

Buyers & Sellers


Remember the days that you bought from a black box? Bust open the black box and start buying completely transparent media from our network. We give you all the tools and insights to make the best informed decisions for your media budget!


Unique reach within Europe, focused on Benelux, and France. We work exclusively and only with major local publishers to deliver you transparency and quality you deserve. Only a few networks out there can offer our transparent and easy to use platform, we are proud to be one of them!

Real Time Bidding is not all there is to our offering! We offer various ways to buy including custom integrations and self-service UI.

Dedicated Account teams in your language: English/French/Russian. Armed with skilled and ambitious young professionals, we are sure to speak your language and support you 24/7 in achieving your advertising goals.

We offer both performance and branding solutions, according to your needs. Every EUR of your adspend counts.

Every minute you invest in optimizing your campaign counts.We help you get the best possible ROI on your campaigns and provide you with the tools to easily optimize towards your goals.


We connect you to unique platforms that enable publishers to discover more buyers and sell ad inventory in real time. Maximizing your revenue is our business.


22,000 advertisers that compete for your inventory
Machine-learning revenue algorithms
Unique 24/7 systems that monitors the ads that go on your site
Insights to empower your sales and operations team
Dedicated services team


For each trade, advanced algorithms look across all buyers and selects the ad that will maximize publisher revenue.Revenue optimization across all buyers and bidding technologies. Dynamic price floor algorithm sets the optimum price in each auction. Algorithms are engineered to maximize revenue for you, the publisher.


We dedicate a team of Real Time Trading experts to your business to increase revenue and share best practices. Our teams are based in Belgium, France and our support team is based out in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Strategic consulting
Yield and revenue management
Protection management
Billing and collection


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